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ARZU Studio Hope Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Blog , 2014-06-26

ARZUCrowdRiseCampaignARZU Studio Hope was founded with a seemly simple mission—support Afghan women. In 2004, Afghanistan was faced with a number of changes and challenges. With war ever present, many women and children were left to fend for themselves. With few opportunities for women to excel and support themselves, ARZU Studio Hope strived to create hope, or arzu in Dari.

Ten years later, the mission of ARZU Studio Hope is alive and well. Through our innovative model of social entrepreneurship, we’re helping Afghan women and their families break free from the cycle of poverty by providing fair-trade, artisan-based employment through carpet weaving. With that also comes access to education and healthcare.

Today, this holistic approach is working to empower women in Afghanistan. But our efforts go far beyond beautiful, hand-woven rugs. In the past ten years, we’ve worked to create a lasting impact on the region by supporting education of women and children, healthcare, clean water and other community initiatives.

In our ten years, we’ve seen the construction of two Women’s Community Centers, a community garden, a 5-acre park, the opening of 3 preschools and the building of 13 super adobe homes for refugees. We’ve also seen improvements in overall quality of life for Afghan women and their children. We are extremely proud to say that not a single woman under ARZU’s care has died during childbirth, something uncommon in many of the areas of Afghanistan.

Of course, our mission wouldn’t be possible without our many supporters. We are excited to begin another ten years of making a difference to the lives of Afghan women.

Want to show your support? Visit our 10X10 Fundraising Campaign today where 100% of proceeds will work to provide help for Afghan women and children.