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“ARZU has created very effective programs in this village. Here, most of the men and women are jobless. Through the ARZU weaving program, many families now have steady income. Most of the women were illiterate and had many problems in their daily life. Now, they are literate. The women have more authority in their families and in society. They are more hopeful than before.”

ARZU provides hundreds of Afghan women weavers the dignity of work and self-expression through their art. These Hazara refugees returned to Bamyan Province with lives as shattered as the Buddhas that had stood nearby for a thousand years. A woman’s paycheck feeds her kids; literacy feeds her mind; a home feeds her heart; self-worth feeds her soul.


ARZU transforms women’s lives and shifts the balance of power through sustainable poverty alleviation. JOBS + LITERACY + MATERNAL HEALTHCARE = CHANGE. The equation is simple; the execution is hard. Be part of our equation. DONATE NOW.

Here’s what your donation of any size can do:


Children are the future.  ARZU’s three preschools provide play-based learning + two meals a day made with organic ingredients from our gardens and chicken coops.  Sponsor a preschooler.

  • $10= shoes and winter coat for one child—think about kids walking to school in the Rockies wearing flip-flops and a shirt.
  • $40= two meals a day for a month for one hungry preschooler. Feed the whole class this month for $1200.
  • $100= heat for a classroom for one month (wood = warmer students=better learners). Heat ALL the classrooms for $1000 a month this winter.
  • $200= love of learning for a lifetime + a uniform, school materials, a winter coat, and nutritious food for a year.
  • Create future stars. $5,000 =operating costs of one preschool for a year.


Weaving families must send all girls and boys under 15 to school full-time and all women to our adult literacy classes.  Now, these classes are open to all village women and by popular demand, we offer new computer and English classes.

  • Educate a woman. $150 = books, supplies + tea and new friends.
  • Hire a teacher. $1500 = a teacher’s salary for an entire year.


Many rural women rarely interact with others outside immediate families.  ARZU’s Women’s Community Centers are safe places to make friends and share experiences.

  • Gift a WCC membership. $250 = the annual costs for one woman to use all WCC facilities for a year, including laundry, tearoom, workshops, classrooms.
  • Name a facility. $10,000 = the naming rights for an existing ARZU space with a plaque to honor yourself, your family or friend.