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  • ARZU STUDIO HOPE rugs are hand-knotted with 100% sheep’s wool on looms in the homes of our weavers and our Women’s Community Centers.
  • Wool is hand-dyed with natural materials whenever possible, including madder root for red, walnut husks for brown and pomegranate for yellow.
  • Our hand-spun wool absorbs dye unevenly to produce variegated color known as abrash. This charming irregularity creates authentic character and is a hallmark of a handmade rug.
  • Depending on the weave type and intricacy of the pattern, rugs range from 120 to 275 knots per square inch.
  • The Persian knot is typically utilized in our Traditional patterns, while the Turkish knot is prevalent in our Tribal designs. Both knot styles are found in our Modern collection.
  • Rugs in our Traditional and Tribal collections are most often sheared with a pile height ranging from 4 to 6 mm in order to showcase the intricacy of the design; while our Modern collection has a 6 to 8 mm pile height for a plusher feel.
  • Fringe may be exposed or tucked under, depending on the design. If exposed, the fringe length typically measures 3/4″ long.
  • A subtle “h” woven into the corner of each rug is our mark of authenticity and symbolically brings “hope” into every space.
  • The artisan’s individual story accompanies each rug, underscoring the global connection.

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For projects with shorter lead times, ARZU STUDIO HOPE carries a limited number of rugs in stock in Chicago, and through a select group of retailers around the United States. To view in-stock rugs, please visit this section on our website under Rug Collections.


ARZU STUDIO HOPE offers three levels of custom Afghan made rugs. Please refer to the Lead Time Chart below for more information regarding these options.

LEVEL 1: Order a rug in a pre-existing pattern, color combination and standard size from ARZU STUDIO HOPE’S design library. Lead time is consistent with the Lead Time chart.

LEVEL 2: Select a pattern from our extensive design library, and change the size and/or color to meet your desired specifications. ARZU has a palette of 59 colors to choose from, as well as the opportunity to select custom colors based on the Benjamin Moore Classic Color Fan that we will dye to order. Based on your specifications, our Creative Director will provide a computer rendering for your approval. Changes in color and/or size specifications will add one additional month to our Lead Time chart. Please note that certain Tribal and Traditional patterns may have size limitations due to their design.

LEVEL 3: Our Creative Director will work directly with you to create an original rug design based on an inspiration or sketch that you provide. She will then produce a computer rendering to meet your design specifications. Custom design work will incur additional fees above any custom color and size charges. For this option, please add two months to the lead time as indicated in our chart.

For all custom Afghan made rugs, once the design rendering has been approved and your deposit payment has been processed, production will begin on your custom rug.

For custom orders please note:

  • All custom orders require a non-refundable 50% deposit.
  • Custom up-charges will apply for oversize, non-standard sizes, custom colorways, and custom patterns.
  • Each ARZU rug is distinctively handcrafted in an artisan’s home in rural Afghanistan. Due to the unique combination of individual technique, process and use of raw materials, color and size will vary up to 10%.


LEAD TIME FOR STANDARD SIZES – Due to the fact that our entire production process is handcrafted, our lead times vary based on size, knot count and intricacy of the design.




RECTANGLES : 3’x5′ , 4’x6′ , 5’x7′ , 6’x9′ , 8’x10′ , 9’x12′ , 10’x14′, 12’x16′
SQUARES FROM : 5’x5′ to 10’x10′
RUNNERS FROM : 3’x7′ to 3’x14′


Regarding current inventory, custom projects and pricing, please contact an ARZU STUDIO HOPE sale representative at designservices@arzustudiohope.org.